Freelancer Workshops

Freelancing Workshops

The School For Freelancers is dedicated to providing you with useful information in various forms. One thing we love to do is our monthly workshops that bring you valuable information on a variety of topics related to freelancing. If you would like to attend live, all you need to do is join our totally free and super awesome monthly newsletter. By attending live you can get your questions answered in real-time from one of our freelancing experts! If you miss the live workshops no worries at all. We post them all right here along with a transcript. If you would like to attend live and receive several other perks of being a School For Freelancers community member simply join our newsletter. :)

Workshop Resources


  • Asana – Project Management software that will make staying organized and on top of your tasks a breeze!
  • Google Drive – Free with a Gmail account and a great way to get and stay organized.
  • Pipedrive – Sales CRM that is a must-have once you start getting out there and selling your services.
  • Loom – using Loom to record screen share videos can help you close deals, collaborate with other freelancers, and boost your productivity significantly!

Health & Productivity

  • Athletic Greens – Hands down one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to ensure you get all the vitamins, minerals, and probiotics you need to get and stay healthy!
  • Ambient Music Tracks For Focus – Groovemuse is a collaboration between myself and a close friend. We produced these tracks so we could listen to ambient music to stay focused without ads or interruptions.
  • Pomodoro Timer – Use a timer like this to set a specific period of undistracted focus. Combine with the above-mentioned music and noise-canceling headphones and you are a focused freelance machine!
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones – The Apple Airpod Pros are what we recommend as they are what we use. They aren’t cheap, but we love them and will pay for themselves in no time, in gained hours of productivity.

Other Resources

  • Freelancers Union – an incredible resource for freelancers.
  • Our Blog – search what you are working on, and you are sure to find something. We are updating weekly!
  • The Ultimate Getting Started Guide – another one of our incredible resources. :)
  • Download the Freelancing Freedom Slides here.
  • Business Model Canvas –  A great one-page business plan guide.