For all the fields below, enter digits only without currency symbols, percentage signs or commas. None of the fields are required except the salary equivalent. The result field is labeled U.S. currency, but you can use any currency you prefer in the inputs.



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For example, if you are replacing an employer based plan with a 5 percent employer contribution and a 10 percent employee contribution, enter 15 percent.

The averages in the U.S. are approximately $10,000/year, depending on location and if it is for single coverage or family coverage.

8-10 percent is common for small businesses.

This depends on the type of freelance work you do. The formula in our simple calculator uses 20 percent.

Don't include your personal income taxes. This will be 15.8 percent for the federal self-employment tax plus whatever your state requires. (e.g. 15.8 plus 3 percent)

i.e. Of the 10 or 11 paid holidays salaried workers get in the U.S., how many will you take off work?

i.e. If you are replacing a job with 4 weeks of vacation, enter 20 days.

10 paid sick/personal days for salaried employees is common in the U.S.

The formula in our simple calculator uses 20 percent.

Not including business development. The formula in our simple calculator doesn't account for this. Entering this should make the result more accurate.

Minimum hourly rate should be at least [item-253_price]

Minimum daily rate should be at least [item-254_price]


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