Calculating Your Freelance Rates

When working as a freelancer, it is imperative to know how much you should charge for services. A calculator for freelancer rates could save you much of the guesswork. You may be asking yourself—what should I set as a freelancer?

Freelancing rates should depend on many different qualifications. If you have a broad skill set to offer as an employee, you can charge more for your work. Consider your skills in combination with other factors regarding what you may need to work.

For example, if you are freelancing and require photo editing software, how much would it cost to get this software. The factor that in.

What if you are a freelancer with a family to support or if you pay for your health insurance. These are all aspects you should consider when calculating your freelancing pay. Don’t sell yourself short.

Use our freelance rate calculator to help you determine your rates. Make sure, to be honest with yourself and include everything you need to pay for. You deserve the wage you are qualified for; you deserve benefits and peace of mind.

Use our calculator to navigate the hectic freelancer market and get paid.

Using A Calculator For Freelancer Rates

Many components make up how much you should be charging for a freelance service. Remember, freelancing is one of those unique situations where you are in charge of what you think you should be paid.

Few jobs give employees such flexibility. When you work for yourself, you determine what you can provide to meet your client’s needs.

The best feature of this calculator is its ability to factor in many different situations. It will ask you questions explicitly about your work. Every aspect is simple and straightforward.

There are many fields to fill in to add additional categories or skipping existing ones.

Don’t worry; the calculator is just as detailed as possible, so you know exactly how much you should receive as payment.

All the possible operating costs of freelancing, including the rent, travel expenses, services, subscriptions, are also taken into account by the calculator. If the client’s budget is monthly or annually, the calculator can factor this in quickly.

The disparity between how many hours you work and how many hours you can bill is one of the most relevant things addressed here. There would not be a gap for a writer who works off of flat rates. But there could be a subtle variation in production that should reflect the financial plans for those working on tasks that require guest blogging, freelance copywriting, marketing, etc.

Users begin by entering current yearly income and inserting a percentage or dollar sum. Enhance future payments and see how much your rate needs to improve for this goal to be realistic.

The freelancing rate calculator would then help you work out the annual billable hours and the hourly rate that you will need to charge for all those billable hours to meet your revenue target.

When Freelancing Gets Complicated

You would typically have a lot of your pay eaten up as a subscription charge if you use a website hosting service for freelancing. Look specifically for opportunities to land customers. In the meantime, you’ll probably need to put in the dirty work of getting your contracts in order.

Second, you should have standard industry costs such as subscriptions to editing software, word processors, and anything else you may need to do your job correctly.

To do your work at the highest level, you must use the most up-to-date tools. You land more customers if you’re doing well with deadlines and the quality of your work. You may bill for a higher rate if you land more customers, as your time will be more precious after all your demand is high.

If you’re charging more money- you’re getting more money. Software to do back-office accounting is an example of applications that a freelancer might use.

Tips Of The Trade

To assess the hourly rate you can charge, here are a few tips to consider:

Compare the hourly rate/salary with the service sector with the annual salary. Determine whether it is more challenging or less difficult for your relationship with a particular customer on your hourly wage.

Across all your engagements, you can see your freelance rate as an average. Be practical when you are considering how much you think your services are.

Think of your work’s complexity if you are doing a multimedia assignment with many different types of editing and software-charge much more than you would for a regular writing assignment.

Set different rates for different types of work you do so your wage is fair for you.

Unless you are working full-time, be honest about the wages and hours working if you work part-time. These specifications would be a call to the judgment that you need to consider. A perfect way to understand how much you need to spend to earn a particular sum of money per year is the freelance hourly pay calculator.

Freelance Wage Calculators and Your Business

Consider a calculator for freelancer rates an insurance policy for your business. Your freelance work is basically a small business that you have started for yourself. Like any small business, it may be helpful to have a back-up system to double-check your finances.

Think of this calculator as a helpful program to act as your second set of eyes. Get what you are entitled to for all your hard work. Empower yourself and know how much you deserve to get paid.

Start here with a few simple calculations.

For all the fields below, enter digits only without currency symbols, percentage signs or commas. None of the fields are required except the salary equivalent. The result field is labeled U.S. currency, but you can use any currency you prefer in the inputs.



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For example, if you are replacing an employer based plan with a 5 percent employer contribution and a 10 percent employee contribution, enter 15 percent.

The averages in the U.S. are approximately $10,000/year, depending on location and if it is for single coverage or family coverage.

8-10 percent is common for small businesses.

This depends on the type of freelance work you do. The formula in our simple calculator uses 20 percent.

Don't include your personal income taxes. This will be 15.8 percent for the federal self-employment tax plus whatever your state requires. (e.g. 15.8 plus 3 percent)

i.e. Of the 10 or 11 paid holidays salaried workers get in the U.S., how many will you take off work?

i.e. If you are replacing a job with 4 weeks of vacation, enter 20 days.

10 paid sick/personal days for salaried employees is common in the U.S.

The formula in our simple calculator uses 20 percent.

Not including business development. The formula in our simple calculator doesn't account for this. Entering this should make the result more accurate.

Minimum hourly rate should be at least [item-253_price]

Minimum daily rate should be at least [item-254_price]


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