Ready To Join The School For Freelancers?

Below you will find a list of our current program offerings. By joining the School For Freelancers you are significantly increasing your odds of success and decreasing the amount of time and money it will cost to get started!

SFF Freelance Foundation

Freelance Foundations

If you are thinking about a freelancing career or have started but have hit some roadblocks and can’t seem to get unstuck, this course is for you! We provide a comprehensive guide to building a solid foundation so that your freelancing career is thriving. We will teach you everything you need to know to get your freelancing career exactly where you want it. This course will take you from daydreaming to full-time freelancer in far less time than it would take you going it alone!

SFF Freelance Community

Freelance Community

The School For Freelancers Community is where freelancers go to learn, grow, and become the very best freelancers they can be. Our community is managed by freelancers with decades of experience and skills in several industries. You get exclusive access to our founders as well as each other. We will answer your questions in the forum, send you invites to exclusive members-only monthly workshops, and give you sneak peeks of our upcoming courses.

SFF Freelance All Access

Freelancer All-Access

With the Freelancer All-Access, you get the best of what we currently offer. You get unlimited access to the Freelance Foundations Course, the Freelance Community, and a one-on-one monthly coaching call with our Founder, Skip Blankley. This is for any freelancer serious about taking their freelance career to the next level and staying on track for success.


A few words from some of our students!

The School For Freelancers’ workshop and one-on-one coaching call have taught me such valuable information about my freelancing career. I began implementing some of their tips into my routine, and now I feel more productive than ever. I’m looking forward to taking more of their workshops and learning even more about this exciting career! Thank you for all your help!

~ Selena J.