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Top 5 Best Invoicing Apps for Freelancers You Have to Know

Things are different now that you are working for yourself. You don’t have a management team to organize your work anymore.

If you don’t get this right you will fail and you will be left struggling. But, don’t worry! There are plenty of resources to help you. These programs can organize your projects, your finances, and your invoices.

Read on to see some of the best invoicing apps for freelancers.

1. Freshbooks

Freshbooks tops the list due to the holistic nature of its services. It covers pretty much everything you could be hoping for.

It has a time tracker, team management features, invoicing, even integration for taxes. The last being an incredibly important aspect of being accurate as a freelancer.

While there is no free version, they do have a 30-day trial for you to decide if the service is a good fit for your needs. Their paid plans are on a tiered structure;

  • $15 a month for one user and five clients
  • $25 a month for one user and fifty clients
  • $50 a month for one user and five hundred clients

2. Bonsai

Very similar to Freshbooks, Bonsai has a collection of features that are all helpful to the freelancer.

It allows for repeat auto-payments, with modifications, such as discounts or promotions, as needed. Additionally allowing for time tracking, a contract system, and invoicing.

Currently, there is a two-week trial that Bonsai is offering for new individuals looking to start with their business.

Additionally, there is an interesting referral plan where you can earn free months on your subscription. For every person that to refer to Bonsai, you can earn a free month on your subscription.

The paid plans include a $16 and a $24 plan. The cheaper plan includes a majority of the services including;

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Customizable Branding
  • Chat Support
  • Sub-Contracting ($24 plan)
  • White Labeling ($24 plan)

3. Zoho Invoice

A very helpful option that is a core element of Zoho is the “estimates” area. It will create a digital proposal that you can send to your client. If they are happy with it and accept it, the proposal gets transferred into invoicing.

This implementation saves all sides time and limits any chance of mistake. It prevents under or overcharging. Another benefit is the extensive organization options. These are helpful for all record keeping.

Zoho does offer a limited free plan that allows for a single user invoicing up to five clients. If you need to upgrade, the payment structure is as follows;

  • $9 a month for up to 50 client invoices
  • $19 a month for up to 500 client invoices (unlocking new features also)
  • $29 a month for unlimited invoicing and a custom domain

4. Harvest

Client needs are at the top of the list when dealing with Harvest. The application creates simple and easy invoices. Nothing is confusing or hard to read, so no worries there!

And for the freelancer, there are a variety of options to maximize time management. You can see where you are spending the most time, allowing you to maximize your rates

Harvest currently has a free trial available. You can try their service for thirty days and make sure it fits your needs.

If you choose to upgrade your account to it is $12 per month. This allows access to Harvest apps and online extension helpers. If you decide to pay for a year in advance you receive a 10% discount.

5. Xero

Another very helpful option, like Freshbooks, Xero has accounting options built right into the application. While you are invoicing you can keep track of your financial information as well making the end-of-year taxes much easier.

The only drawback for Xero is the lack of a free plan.

There are three tiers to the plans that Xero is structured around;

  • $9 a month for 5 invoices and quotes, 5 bills, and 20 bank transactions
  • $30 a month removes all limitations of the previous plan
  • $60 a month adds the capability adds project management and time tracking.

Many of The Best Invoicing Apps For Freelancers

Now that you have these resources there should be no concern in your mind about where your career as a freelancer will be going. You have the tools you need, now it’s just keeping track with the best invoicing apps For freelancers.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our blog! If you found this useful please be sure to share it with your network! If you have any questions about our program be sure to contact us. Thanks again and happy freelancing!

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