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The Top 5 Freelance Jobs for New Moms

More and more new moms are turning to freelance work rather than going back to full-time work outside of the home. Freelance jobs for moms make it possible to juggle family and financial needs.

If you are thinking about taking a remote freelancing gig, there are several different options to consider. We have listed a few below but there are obviously dozens you could get into.

The most important thing is just getting started. It turns out that what you choose to pursue is not for you, it is easy to pivot to other opportunities.

1. Photography

Photography is a job that can be done on a very loose schedule. You can set up times with clients that work for you. With a studio set in your home, you can even have at-home sessions.

Consider interesting niches, like pet photography. Similarly, taking and selling stock photos on websites can be a great way to make some money as a freelancer.

With more and more companies taking their retail businesses online these days there is also great opportunities in product photography. You could set up a studio in your home and have the items shipped to you.

Aside from the photography itself, if you know your way around Photoshop or other image editing softwares then you could edit for a photographer. They go out into the field and get the photos while you get to work from home making the edits for them.

2. Editing

Have some experience getting documents perfect for publication? Whether from actual editing experience in the publishing world or readying documents for public consumption, freelance editing work could be in your future.

You’ll need to prove you have experience in marking up documents, following content style guides, and trimming writing down to its best version. If you can show this, start picking up freelance editing projects and a clientele.

You could niche down and only edit for certain industries, or for certain types of publications and specialize, or you could stay broad and take freelance copy editing gigs for any industry or publication type.

3. Writing

Freelance writing offers great flexibility and can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection. How much you make as a freelance writer is totally up to you.

If you don’t already have examples of your writing you will need to either write for free or offer low cost projects for your first client or two. This seems like a terrible approach, but starting with a single post to get your foot in the door can pay off in the long run.

If you don’t know where to find your clients signing up for any of the freelance writing sites available is a great place to start.

With a newborn at home finding freelance writing gigs that offer flexibility is very important for obvious reasons.

Especially while your new baby is young and may need you constantly throughout the day, doing work without tight deadlines or schedules may be a better option. Writing gigs usually offer the perfect amount of flexibility for new moms.

4. Marketing

Whether you jump in to assist with marketing jobs such as writing newsletters for existing companies or you try your hand at affiliate marketing, marketing jobs are highly popular in the remote work field.

If you have experience with analytics and engagement, learning to create marketing content will open a wide range of remote work for you.

There are so many companies that outsource their marketing it is not funny and finding a local business that needs help with newsletters, blogging, brochure design, or social media management are easy to find.

You could simply start with the companies you already do business with. If there is a local restaurant, hair saloon, or retail shop that you frequent, just take a look at their current marketing efforts from a customer’s perspective and find the gaps in their existing efforts.

Now just put together a plan present it as an existing customer, letting them know that you believe you could create a better experience for their audience, and pitch them on it.

5. Social Media Management

Got an knack for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or any of the other social media platforms?

Many companies—particularly smaller companies who can’t afford the salary of a full-time social media manager—need someone to handle their socials.

From designing graphics using something like Canva, to monitoring engagement, social media management is the perfect job for working parents because it is so flexible. Much of social media posting can be automated ahead of time using tools like Hootsuite so you can knock out all of the posts for a week on Monday morning.

Create posts and schedule them to blast on the socials as needed while you spend time with your family.

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