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How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs With No Experience

Freelancers make up more than 30 percent of the total workforce today. Thanks to COVID-19 and the move towards work-from-home as the norm, that percentage is likely to continue to grow in the coming years.

The benefits of freelancing are clear. But landing your first freelance writing job can feel impossible when you’re just starting out, especially if you don’t have experience in the field.

Ready to take the leap? Keep reading to learn how to get freelance writing jobs with no experience.

Identify Your Skills

The first step towards landing beginner freelance writing jobs is to figure out what type of work you’d like to do. This means starting by identifying the skills that you have, or that you would like to have.

Odds are that you already possess some of the skills that you need in order to be a successful freelancer.

Coding, translating, accounting public relations, and even photography and videography are just a few of the many skills that are in-demand from freelancers today.

Of course, writing is one of the most common skills that you likely already have, and just need to hone and improve in order to start pursuing the wealth of freelance writing jobs available today.

Hone Your Craft

If your skills are a little rusty or you’ve don’t have experience in a field related to the one that you’re looking to pursue, you’ll need to hone your skills to start working to land your first job.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean heading back to college or even a trade school to learn the skills you need to be a successful freelancer. Instead, online courses are a convenient way to learn or hone your craft and to develop the skills that you’ll need to launch a successful freelance career.

In addition to an online learning program, other resources, like ebooks, podcasts, and blogs are also great for learning and developing new skills.

Create Some Samples

Once you’ve figured out the type of freelance work that you’d like to pursue and practiced the skills you’ll need to be successful, it’s time to create some samples.

These samples are what you’ll use to show potential clients what you can do.

There are a variety of ways to create samples of your work. If you’re a designer or photographer, you can combine some of your personal projects into a digital portfolio. For writers, creating a blog or posting to a website like Medium is a great way to create some links to your work that you can share when applying for jobs.

How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs With No Experience

Learning how to get freelance jobs with no experience doesn’t have to be a challenge.

By thinking about your current skills, honing your craft, and creating some samples that you can share, you’ll be ready to start applying to beginner freelance writing jobs in no time!

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