How to Get Freelance Clients When You Are an Introvert

25%-40% of people classify themselves as introverts. If you’re looking into becoming a freelancer one thing you’re going to need to know about is how to get freelance clients.

Without clients, you won’t have the funds you need to do things like pay for health insurance for freelancers. But, knowing how to get freelance clients will keep the work flowing and your pockets full.

Join Freelance Sites?

The first thing you can do to gain a new freelance client is join several freelance sites. There are tons of freelance sites that allow you to create an account and begin shopping around for jobs.

When you’re opening your account you’ll be asked to provide a list of your writing skills and even post some samples of your work. From there you can either bid on jobs that are available or you can wait for potential clients to come your way.

Either way, you go joining a freelance site makes it easier to get new clients instead of calling around or emailing people.

Build Relationships With Outgoing People

Even if you’re an introvert it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work with and create relationships with people that consider themselves extroverts. There are several freelance benefits for freelancers that work with extroverts with the main one being word-of-mouth marketing.

If you’re doing good work for people they’re going to be more willing to pass it on to others. The more people that get to see your work or hear about it from others the more work you’re going to be contracted to do.

Not to mention as someone who’s an introvert, marketing your skills isn’t something that’s going to come naturally to you, therefore you need someone that can do it for you.

Deliver Excellent Service to Existing Clients

The freelance lifestyle can only be sustained if you continue to have clients that are willing to pay you for your services. Having the understanding that it’s challenging for you to reach out to new clients you need to focus on retaining the clients you currently have.

This means going above and beyond to deliver content that’s going to knock the socks off your clients every time. Instead of thinking about making a quick buck ensure you think long-term.

Update Your Professional Profiles

Even if you don’t want to market yourself by reaching out to people that will need your services you’ll need to update all professional profiles. As a freelance writer, this could mean putting your newest writing samples up to be reviewed or updating links to your freelance websites.

Potential clients need to know how your services can benefit them.

Health Insurance for Freelancers: A Perk of Constant Work

The only way to afford health insurance for freelancers is to continue making money to pay your insurance premium. You must stay healthy so that when a new client comes along you’re prepared to write killer content for them.

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