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How To Freelance With No Skills Easily

With roughly fifty-seven million people and counting choosing to freelance, it’s safe to say that this is the new normal.

Freelancing can either be done as your main hustle or as a side gig and it’s certainly an avenue that can prove to be lucrative when done the right way. As with anything though, it can be tough starting out and getting established, especially since you need experience to get experience.

So how does one go about even beginning in the first place? Keep reading to learn how to freelance with no skills.

Use What You’ve Got

You may not think you have skills, but you really do.

Begin by thinking about your interests and going for them. You can start by creating a blog on your favorite topic and write a few posts to get established.

You don’t have to go the route of writing, however, there are several options you can choose from. There’s videography, photography, video correspondent, modeling, and voiceover acting just to name a few. Whatever you decide to pursue, make sure it shows your passion and creativity and that the content is good!


Start small by maybe working with family or friends and helping them with their needs. This is a great opportunity to build up your portfolio and your confidence. As your confidence grows, you can begin taking on more projects and ultimately making more money.

Keep in mind that your first few projects may be for little to no money, but it’s necessary for building your brand.

Expand Your Network

While you grow your portfolio, it’s helpful to connect with other freelancers.

Having a strong support system is essential to success in any industry but especially in the freelance world. Reach out to people both in and outside of your expertise because you never know when opportunities to work together may arise.

It’s quite possible that someone may be presented with an opportunity that isn’t right for them but perfect for you, so having those connections can end up working in your favor.

One of the most helpful freelancing tips for handling a heavy workload is to share the wealth. If someone approaches you with a large project that you can’t take on at the moment, pass it along to someone in your network and charge a finder’s fee. This way everyone gets paid and the client gets what they want.

Market Yourself

It’s understandable that you may want to work and build up experience before marketing yourself as an expert in your field. That’s why we put this tip at the bottom.

Get to a point where you’re confident enough in your work to start branding yourself, that way you’ll feel good about your work and potential clients will feel confident in your pitch.

You can do this in several ways, by creating a website and or social media pages. It doesn’t matter if this is your main job or your side hustle, you can benefit from taking control of your identity and having a professional online presence.

Now You Know How to Freelance With No Skills

When understanding how to freelance with no skills, remember that you’ve had skills all along and just need to realize how to capitalize off of them.

The easiest way to start is to use your knowledge and passion to create something unique. We guarantee that what you bring to the table is a sought-after skill that people are looking for.

While there are several pros and cons of freelancing, it can lead to a fulfilling and well-paying career. Trust the process, and trust your genius.

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