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Freelancing Opportunities for Kids

36% of the workforce is made up of freelancers and this number is increasing by the day. A small percentage of that increase is kids that are choosing to freelance to make a little extra cash.

This is pretty awesome, as the sooner they get started the more likely they are to be a successful freelancer. There are many lessons to learn in freelancing and getting started early can help in so many ways.

If you or your child has expressed interest in freelancing and earning some extra money in their free-time but they aren’t sure what they want to do here is a short guide on some freelancing opportunities for kids to consider.


What could be better than sharing your daily life with people globally? When you become a blogger, you’ve got the world at your fingertips hanging on every word you type.

You can write about whatever comes to mind, and you’ll find that tons of people can relate to the things you’re publishing on your blog. Depending on what you’re blogging, you can find jobs writing for different sites a couple of times a month.

Most sites you blog for will also allow you to use the posts you write for them as pieces in your portfolio as you continue to grow your blogging career.

Getting started early with writing could lead to a career in many different fields and writing blogs as a freelancer can be a great way to get started.

Graphic Design

Do you have an eye for creating logos, commercials, or product packaging? If so, you might want to try your hand at graphic design.

The best part about looking into this as one of the freelance opportunities for kids is that companies are looking for innovative young minds to help them out. You can take your ideas and help to create new logos that have never been thought of.

Being a freelance graphic designer can lead to several career paths that can be very rewarding. For the artistic and creative types, seeing their work on billboards, on websites, business cards, brochure, and other places can be very rewarding.

Online Teaching

Sometimes the only way for people to learn something is to be taught by their peers. If you’ve got a passion for teaching people, online teaching and tutoring could be the right freelance opportunity for you.

You might find yourself tutoring in any subjects that you’re an expert in. The beauty of being a tutor is you get to set hours that work for your current schedule.

You can also solidify what you are learning in a much more concrete way by teaching it. So tutoring other kids just a few years younger than you can help you better understand the subjects you just learned about.

Tutoring can happen both online and off and there will always be other kids in need of some help learning various subjects.

This means that you still get time to enjoy being a kid while making money in your spare time.

Virtual Assistant

Pencils, paper, emails sounds like fun right? Okay, maybe not, but as a kid the bonus part is being able to earn money from all your hard work.

Organizational skills are something that some people have, and others wish they had. Many companies need virtual assistants to help keep things in order and to take care of the random tasks that take up much of their time.

There are dozens of tasks that you could be assigned and learning a several different skills in the process can prove quite beneficial as you advance in your career.

Freelancing Opportunities for Kids 101

There are tons of freelancing opportunities for kids that you might not have ever thought about. Opportunities such as becoming an online tutor or taking part in graphic design. There are also dozens of other ideas that we have not covered here.

The most important thing, is to just get started. If you start out in graphic design, but realize it is not for you, that is fine. You have at least started something and now know that making money on the side is possible.

If you’re just getting started in the freelance business, apply to School for Freelancers. We can help teach you everything you need to know about becoming a freelancer and make the most of each opportunity that comes your way.

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