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Freelance Side Hustle Guide for College Students

Did you know that in 29, 69% of college students took out loans? Additionally, did you know that the average college student graduates with $29,000 worth of debt?

It’s no secret that attending college is expensive and that most college students are on a tight budget. However, you don’t need to wait until you graduate to start chipping away at your debt or building up your savings.

Starting a side hustle is one of the best ways to make money as a college student, as side hustles allow for flexibility and growth. Read this freelance side hustle guide for college students to learn about your best side hustle options.

1. Freelance Writing

During college, you spend a lot of time writing essays and term papers. Chances are, you’ve started to really hone your skills as a writer.

If you enjoy writing, there are many side hustles out there that will allow you to make money from it. And no, we’re not talking about signing up for a scammy website to write college papers for other students.

Many companies will hire college students to write blog posts, ad copy, brochures, and other kinds of content for their brand. You could even contact your university to see if they hire writers for their website or other marketing materials.

2. Tutoring

College is all about developing your expertise in a specific subject. Why not put your expertise to use right now by making some extra money as a tutor?

Many parents are looking to hire tutors for their children who are either struggling or looking to get ahead. Even universities hire students to work in their on-campus tutoring centers. You can also find tutoring jobs online, or you can check out your campus’s local bulletin board.

Tutors are especially sought out for math, science, and languages, but you can make good money tutoring for just about any subject.

3. Moving

Most students move several times throughout the course of their college careers. Students move in and out of apartments, dorms, and their parents’ homes. While May and September are the busiest times for moving, students also move throughout the year due to transferring, study abroad opportunities, or roommate fiascos.

Most professional movers charge hundreds of dollars for one day of moving, and most college students can’t afford these rates. If you have a truck and some strength, working as a mover can be an excellent side hustle as a college student.

You can create a website to advertise your moving services, and you can spread the word about your services in your classes and through your network of friends.

4. Work as a Notary Public

If you have a car or know an easy way to travel around your city, then working as a notary public may be the side hustle for you. A notary public, also known as a loan signing agent, administers oaths and acts as an official witness to those signing legal documents.

To become a notary public, all you need to do is complete an application and pay a state fee. Then, you’ll automatically be entered into a database, and you’ll be contacted when there are appointments in your area.

Freelance Side Hustle Guide for College Students: Time to Start Hustling

Now that you’ve read this freelance side hustle guide for college students, it’s time to launch your side hustle. With the right side hustle business, you can pay off your student loans early and maybe even save some money in college!

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