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Freelance Designer 101: How to Become a Freelance Logo Designer

Did you know that if a company uses a colored logo design, there’s an 80% increase in brand recognition?

Most people look at logos and think it doesn’t take much to design one. That can be true, but when it comes to a memorable design, then you can bet lots of painstaking hours are put into creating the final product, even if it looks extremely simple.

Maybe you’re interested in graphic design and find logos fascinating or maybe you have been designing logos for years. Whether you are just getting started in graphic design or have years of experience there could be an opportunity for you to pursue freelance logo designing.

If you want to help others build a remarkable brand, design a logo that stands out, have the skills or the desire to learn them, then you should become a logo freelance designer!

Are you interested in this career path? Are you interested in branding, style, design, color, and the various elements of what makes a good logo? Then read on.

We have put together a simple guide on how to help you become a freelance logo designer.

Master Your Own Brand First

Before you seek out clients, you need to master your own branding first. After all, if you can’t present a good logo for your own freelancing business, how can you do so for clients?

This will include getting your own website and putting your branding on it, including your logo. Not only can you then use your website as a way to display your skills, but to also show off your portfolio.

A quick way to get started with a strong portfolio would be to spend time practicing your craft and designing logos for fun. Find inspiration from around the web, make up some fun brands in your head, and design a logo for a company you made up.

These will help you develop more skills and build a strong portfolio full of awesome logos at the same time.

Also, you should figure out what you want as part of your “toolkit.” Invest in the best and newest software and take the time to learn it. Only then can you really deliver on efficient and outstanding results your clients want to see.

Starting with the Adobe Suite is going to be your best bet. The platforms keep getting better and have been the industry standard for many years now.

How to Freelance As A Logo Designer

Being a freelancer means you need to be proactive in finding clients. A great way to do so is by posting on job boards and freelancing platforms.

Do be aware that many freelancing platforms offer mediocre pay. So you might want to consider them as just a stepping stone to gaining experience and creating a foundation for your business.

Once you’ve established a solid portfolio, you can then try for bigger fish. You can be pickier in the jobs you take and maybe even forego the job boards and freelancing platforms.

By focusing on higher-quality clients, you can work on fewer projects and get paid more. This is a critical piece of advice that many overlook in the early stages.

Bigger clients with bigger budgets can be harder to come by at first, but you need to secure them as soon as possible, even before you think you are ready.

Build A Referral Machine

If you’ve done exemplary work, then it’ll speak for itself. Your previous clients will then recommend you to their peers when they need logo work done. You can then build up a nice customer base that’ll keep recommending your services, which will keep a steady stream of income coming in.

You will be amazed at how much easier it is to secure a new client when they were referred to you by a friend or colleague.

There is no guesswork for the person, they don’t have to question your professionalism or worry about the quality of your work when someone else they trust sent them your way.

One critical piece that most freelancers leave out is asking for referrals. You would be surprised how many people would not think about that until they are asked.

Even if they can’t think of someone on the spot they will likely be able to think of someone in the days or weeks to come.

They are always thrilled to be able to refer someone as it makes them look good too. So long as you do an amazing job of course ;).

Become a Freelance Logo Designer

As you can see, becoming a freelance designer for logos isn’t terribly hard, so long as you’re willing to put in the effort to learn the ropes.

But you can do so much better than just getting the basics down. Instead of searching for more logo design freelancing guides, consider taking classes instead. A custom class where you get personal attention is just what you need to really get your business going.

If you’d like more information on how to be a successful freelance logo designer, apply to School For Freelancers now. We’ve got more freelance logo design tips for you!

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our blog! If you found this useful please be sure to share it with your network! If you have any questions about our program be sure to contact us. Thanks again and happy freelancing!

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