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Freelance Contract Negotiation

There are more than 44 million self-employed and freelance workers in the US and that number continues to grow each year.

Being your own boss has many benefits but one of the hardest parts of the job is learning the ins and outs of freelancing contract negotiations.

Sales negotiations for freelancers can take years to perfect but if you don’t know how to do it you are likely missing out on income that you deserve.

Whether you are just starting out as a freelancer or you’ve been doing it for years but aren’t getting the pay you’re worth this is the article for you!

Check out these tips on how to negotiate freelance writing rates.

Know Your Worth Before Starting a Freelancing Contract Negotiation

It’s easy to sell yourself short when looking for freelance work. There are many sites that help freelancers get jobs but often the pay doesn’t match the work. You spend more time and energy on the project than you are paid for, especially with sites like Fiver.

Your time is money and you need to take that into account when conducting sales negotiation for freelancer work. It’s important that you take all the factors into account when setting your freelance rates.

If you need to perform a lot of research and background work in order to write the article or complete the project, don’t forget to factor that into your price.

Don’t Do Sales Negotiation for Freelancers By Email

Often times potential clients will ask for your rates within the initial email contact but this may be putting you at a huge disadvantage. What seems like a simple project may become more complicated and time-consuming after you get all the details and needs of the client.

If you’ve already quoted a project rate or estimate then it will be harder to negotiate added expenses for time and work. All sales negotiation for freelancers’ work should be done face-to-face, through video conference, or at least over a conference call where things can be explained fully and questions clarifying the full scope of the project can be asked.

Get Everything In Writing

When accepting work it is in your best interest to put all the details in writing. A verbal contract seems all well and good until you are looking to get paid and there is a dispute about the wage agreed upon or they flat out refuse to pay.

You have no recourse if you did everything by trust on a handshake. You need to include all the details of the project, what is expected of you, and what you will get paid as part of a written freelance contract so that both parties are clear on the terms and expectations.

Almost 70% of freelancers have more than one skill that they bring to the table. If you have more than one skill set and will be providing other skills such as photography, website building, or video content be sure to include the cost and price of doing more than one job. Don’t sell yourself or your skills short but charging less than you’re worth.

Always Be Prepared

The motto “Be Prepared” relates to freelancers as much as it does to the boy scouts. When you’re starting freelance rate negotiations you should have a portfolio showing your past projects to help show your worth.

You’ll also want to have a rate scale to show what financial compensation you expect for the initial work and for any alterations requested for the project. You don’t want to quote one price and be stuck to it if the client changes their mind on what they want after you’ve put in hours of time and personal energy.

Enjoy Your Freelance Career Without Stress

Even the most introverted person in the world can learn freelancing contract negotiation skills. You can build a career without being overwhelmed by worrying about sales negotiation for freelancers. The tips above can help you be successful whether it’s your side gig or you’re taking the leap to full-time freelancing.

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