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6 Reasons You Should Consider Freelance Writing Jobs

Today, freelance writing jobs mean so much more than they once did. They mean flexibility. Sure, they can sometimes mean working in sweatpants and slippers.

Heck, for many, they mean not having to wear a face mask for 8-10 hours on end!

And while all of these factors have value, simply none of these reasons can compare to the real appeal of working a freelance writing job.

Keep reading if you want to learn the real appeal of working a freelance writing job (especially for beginners!)

1. Celebrate Good Skills, Come On

No question about it, the real appeal of working a freelance writing job is the sensation of performing a role that celebrates something you’re good at.

Feeling satisfied in your work and performing a purposeful role is the ultimate goal. Freelance writing jobs can help you achieve this!

According to Forbes Magazine, a recent study found that roughly 76% of writers reported feeling happier with their freelance writing jobs than they ever felt in their more traditional job roles.

2. Freelance Writing Jobs Can Bring in Real $$

Earn more money. Bottom line, right? Freelance online writing jobs can be lucrative, even if it’s something you envision doing on the side.

According to USA Today, working freelance jobs brings in over half the household income for 1 in 12 families.

While there is most certainly a learning curve to get over in the beginning, your potential to earn becomes exponential once you get into the groove.

3. No Degree? No Problem


You don’t need to invest in a 4-year degree from some prestigious institute to land yourself in the world of freelance writing.

In fact, studies show that over 90% of freelancers report valuing skill training over formal education. Very simply stated, your own writing ability and that big, beautiful brain of yours are all you need to get yourself there.

4. Get A Life

Come on, we don’t mean it like that. What we mean is freelance writing jobs can afford you a more improved work/life balance.

This means more time for you, this means making those Tae-Kwon Do belt test nights for your kid. Flexibility in your schedule is worth its weight in gold; we don’t need statistics to back us on this one.

5. Calling All Writers

The demand for talented writers is on the rise and freelance writing jobs are showing documented growth. In fact, it’s projected that 48% of the workforce in the U.S. will be freelancers by the end of this year, with many of them identifying as freelance writers.

What’s more, the number of freelance writing jobs out there are seemingly endless, as literally all fields and professions need strong writers. In today’s market, for instance, many small businesses are looking for freelance writers to help them build blogs or stand out on social media.

6. Build That Portfolio

Since we’re all writers here, I think it goes without saying how important it is to build your writing portfolio. Freelance writing jobs create perfect opportunities to start building your portfolio and really sharpen your skills.

Don’t have anything in your portfolio yet? Don’t fret! There is a solution to that worry, as well.

A Few Parting Words

While we may barely know each other, our team believes you have what it takes to do this! Don’t wait, because the time to invest in yourself for a change has finally come.

If you’re just getting started and are hesitant about which turn to take next, don’t worry, we have your back.

Come on over to our site and see how we can provide the roadmap you need to help make becoming a successful freelance writer a reality!

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